Download Hum Mustafavi Hain(original) by Mehdi Zaheer


I visited Wahiga Border in Lahore last month where a national track was repeatedly being played and that was “hum taaba-abad  , sayi-o taghayyur ke wali hain” . The track (it would be better to call it an anthem) was not unknown to me as i had heard it since my childhood , but hearing it on a historical place along with a huge crowd was very much enough to renew my patriotic feelings.

Anyhow, i came back to home safely & just watched a TV commercial by Olpers in which Atif Aslam & Dawood Ali were performing this national anthem. Suddenly, the memories of Wahiga border pop-upped in my mind.

Our new generation may not know the background of this track so to just give tribute to the original artist & to show our visitors the legendary work i am sharing the CD Quality Origianl track “Hum Mustafavi Hain” here.

About The Anthem:

The Anthem “Hum Mustafavi hain” or u may call it “Allah-o-Akber” was composed by Sohail Rana in the voice of Mehdi Zaheer & a group of hundred singers, for the Islamic summit held in Lahore in 1974. It was to address the whole Muslim Ummah.Since then it is being played on various national events & it is considered as one of the best patriotic songs of Pakistan.

In the end , I  would like to thank Atif Aslam & Dawood Ali for covering this anthem. This will help to connect new generation with our legends & their immortal contribution for this nation.

God Bless Islam & Pakistan.

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