Album Review: Aasmaan by Hadiqa Qiani



Dance & RnB

Track List:

  1. Wanjli
  2. Jab Tum Say
  3. Sohnya
  4. Chankata
  5. Tuk Tuk
  6. Jaanan (Feat. Irfan Khan)
  7. Zara Zara
  8. Az Chashme Saqi
  9. Dil Mera (Feat. JKD)
  10. Sajna Sajna
  11. Shalala (Kids Club Mix)
  12. Zara Zara (Club Mix)

Aasmaan is Hadiqa’s 5th Album and the latest after the launch of  the Album Rough Cut in which she features with Aamir Zaki.

Hadiqa Qiani’s new Album is well balanced and boasts a very good mix of music and carries on the legacy of energetic and groovy Punjabi songs with the tracks Wanjli and Tuk tuk. However she manages to keep the Album uniquely distinct from her previous albums as she experiments with other artists such as Irfan Khan, JKD and NAS-T.

However the wonderful part of this album is that even though Hadiqa does not lose her reputation as the Queen of Punjabi pop she diversifies some of her music and lyrics to add Urdu songs as well. This latest album is not dominated completely by Punjabi songs as a result. Furthermore Hadiqa also tests her vocals on Farsi and Pashto which comes as a surprise. The Farsi song Az Chashme Saqi written by the poet Allama Iqbal and the Pashto song Jaanan tune up the album and are a pleasant revelation for admirers of diverse music. However Hadiqa’s wedding to an Afghan businessman may very much be the answer to how she managed to come up with the surprise and introduced her audience to two new languages in her vocals.

The tracks Tuk Tuk, Zara Zara and Dil Mera (featuring JKD) are all dance beats and have a very energetic feel to them enhanced by Hadiqa’s powerful vocals.

Another of the finer songs in the album is the Pashto song Jaanan which comes with extra punch from Irfan Khan. Even though it has received only limited coverage it is indeed one of the better melodies in the album and proves that Irfan Khan and Hadiqa Qiani make a devastating pair together. The music is distinct from anything in a typical ‘Hadiqa song’ making it one of the most powerful entries in the album as Pashto speakers already expect more such music from her.

As if this isn’t enough there’s also a slower rhythmic song Jab Say Tum which features her relative Irfan Qiani as well.

By far the launch of this album has proven that Hadiqa Qiani has lived up to the expectations of her fans and enthusiasts and is worthy of the fame she has achieved in her lifetime with the album Roshni and hit songs such as Dupatta, Bohey Barian, Aas Paas and Mehr Ma.

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