Noori rocks Coke Studio with Saari Raat Jaga!



In the words of producer Rohail Hyatt himself, this is the ‘flagship’ song for this year’s coke studio. Not only does the song reflect the genius of Ali Noor as a composer, the amount of hard work put in by every performer is evident… and has paid off! Saari Raat Jaga has been a journey in all senses of the word. Ali Noor began working on it a good 3 months before production began, the house band too rehearsed it for the longest time. Musically as well, the song contains distinct sections. It starts off on a mellower, jazzy note, and moves into an intense and complex jam session, eventually reconnecting with the energy of the original version. Its THE piece which brings out the musicianship of every performer to the forefront, and hence fulfills the essence of Coke Studio as a production where the best talents of this country are showcased – to their maximum potential!

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