Pics & Video Clips:Pakistani Fashion Industry gone wild On Atif’s Tunes.


Atif Aslam’s  performance at the Ponds Ensemble show has been reviewed by Instep and we had also shared it with our readers. You can check those reviews at these links below:

Atif Aslam ban gaya gentleman at the ensemble show

Atif Aslam wows fashionistas at Ensemble extravaganza

But now we are sharing cool pictures of Atif Aslam and some clips of his performance at the Ponds Ensemble Show.So lets check out the pics first.

Now its time to share the video clips of the show , where Atif made crazy to the whole Fashion industry Of Pakistan & each & everyone was shouting ” Atif ,  Atif ” and “We Love You Atif ” .

Lets start watching some of the clips i will be reviewing each video one by one :

1.  Atif performing O jane Jaan from the Indian movie Race. Just notice the girl in the dark clothes having purse at her right side , dancing on the stage.I dont know if she is in its senses. I guess Atif has done his work (or may be its result of any drink) .   🙂

2. Atif Aslam singing Doorie in full swing. Nothing more in this video

3. Atif Aslam performing Mahi Ve … but in a very new style . I have been observing this style of Atif from many days. He is trying to sing like a classical singer every now & then  same like the style of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan Sahab. Just check out yourself.

4 . Is Atif Aslam a star? watch this video & u will be amazed as how he is taking dictation from the people . It seems like am watching a marriage ceremony where some band is performing & people are giving the orders. Sing this , sing this . Wow Atif … Wot a down to earth attitude.

5.  This is the longest one comprises of about 6 Mins. Atif performing “Allah hu Allah hu” .Just watch out the postures of Atif Aslam while doing “ALAAPS”  & again ” SA RE GA , RE GA ” of NFAK & then audience behaving like they are listening to Rekha singing “Iss say aagay kee ab daastan tu mujh say sun” & they are Amitabh bachan lol . Also check out Atif’s interaction with some girls in this video. Enjoyyyy i am going to recharge myself.

P.S these videos were uploaded on you tube by “Adizgirl” . We appreciate this work.

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