Atif Aslam wows fashionistas at Ensemble extravaganza


Atif Aslam the star musician at Ensemble ExtravaganzaAnd while we will laud fashion for holding the civilized torch high (yes we do believe round tables, front row seats, catwalk, clothes, shoes, beautiful women and smartly dressed men having a good time are signs of civilization), let us mention the star of the evening Atif Aslam.

While the clothes had fashionistas going ooh and aah, it was Atif Aslam who sang his biggest hits like Mahi Ve and Bheegi Yaadein live, who had them clapping and singing along and even inspired some to get on the catwalk and dance with him! Many couples got up to waltz to the slower numbers like ‘O Janay Jaan’ the hit song from Race. It goes to show that people are very much following the Pakistani pop scene and that an Atif Aslam is capable of mustering up as much hysteria as an Arjun Rampal. Here’s to Pakistan then, and to its creative minds and free spirits.

Source: Instep Today

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