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Band Info:

The word “Inteha” is a word taken from the Urdu Language. Its literal meaning is “The Extreme.” It can also be used as a synonym for “Conclusion”, thus forming the opposite of the term Ibteda which means the beginning. It has more relaxed colloquial implications to its usage which can include a spectrum of terms like “Limits”, “Boundaries” and “Excellent”. Its usage therefore can include a diversity of expression and variety of meaning. Perhaps the former statement best justifies the band’s motives to name itself “Inteha”, as it aims to define and represent all the possible varieties of genre and sound category. There are no limits in any form of expression. Just as speech is free for all, so is the right to express oneself musically. It is this freedom and the “Limitlessness” that accompanies it that “Inteha” represents paradoxical to its meaning. Within this contrast lies the true spectrum of “Inteha’s” meaning.

Band Members:

NAUKHEZ on Vocals
NAUSHER on Guitars, Compositions and Music Arrangements.

Track List:

1. Aao Na
2. Azad Rehnay Dau
3. Anjaana
4. Dastaan
5. Hum Rahein Na Rahein
6. Kehna Chahta Hoon
7. Manzilein
8. Muk Jaandi Ai
9. Pyaar
10. Talaash

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