Internal struggles may always be a continuous battle; inner strength should however be essential.


Resilient veteran TV and film actor Adnan Siddiqui who has charmed TV audiences for a quarter of decade after his smash debut in ‘Uroosa’ in 1994 opposite Mishi Khan recently revealed in a Colgate TVC testimonial the accompanying challenges that went hand in hand with his indubitable successes which include roles in the Hollywood film ‘A Mighty Heart’ (2007) with Angelina Jolie and the Bollywood movie ‘Mom’ (2017) with the late screen legend Sridevi.

In the candid testimonial Siddiqui reveals the internal struggles and resounding failures that undoubtedly must accompany success and speaks about the importance of remaining grounded and humble – a lesson taught by his dearly revered late father- and how he now faces every difficulty with a resilient inner strength –‘Andar Se Strong.’

It is really refreshing to see the ongoing trend of stars such as Adnan Siddiqui rid themselves of meretricious veneers and in such a candid manner share the trajectory of their life-long careers amid myriad vulnerabilities, thus encouraging fans and the general populace to also remain resilient and never to give up on their own dreams.


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