KFC Vows To Make Pakistan More Inclusive!


Talking about a cause is one thing, getting up and doing something about it is a different story. We as a society always speak in favor of inclusivity and equality for the deaf community. But when push comes to shove, we never do anything to make things better for those who are oft deprived of the same opportunities that we get on a platter. Keeping this in view, KFC has come up with a CSR initiative directed at providing these individuals with employment. The KFC Mitao Bhook venture aims to hire the deaf as members of their staff.

When I came across KFC’s Sign Movement, I was deeply touched by it. This is what led me to find out more about the food giant’s Mitao Bhook initiative. This campaign was brought to life in 2014’s Ramadan in a partnership with SOS Children’s Village. The goal was to shift a sum from every Mitao Bhook bucket bought to the SOS Children’s Village.

The efforts were fruitful, and the feedback was also amazing. The success of the campaign encouraged KFC to continue sowing seeds that benefited others. Since then, the food chain has joined hands with several non-profit organizations including The Citizens Foundation, and Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital. Now, KFC is collaborating with the Deaf Reach Program to provide education and job opportunities to Pakistan’s deaf community. This is how you bring about a change, one that promotes social justice!

However, there’s a small hiccup here, in the form of the communication gap between KFC’s deaf staff members and customers. To erase this dividing line, KFC is reaching out to you for help. For this, KFC’s “Lets Sign Together” initiative aims to teach how greeting, ordering, and paying can be done using the sign language. With Anoushey Ashraf on board to deliver fun and educational videos regarding the language, KFC is also all set to show you how you can communicate with the deaf.

Want in? All you have to do is watch the videos to learn simple signs. A wee bit of practice and you’ll be fluent in the sign language. Let’s learn this language with the same passion we learn others and work towards making our society more inclusive. Let’s sign together!

Here are the videos where you can learn all the signs:


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