The Anthem “Dhak Dhak Goal” takes football fever in Pakistan to a whole new Level


The FIFA World Cup has been in full swing where teams from all over the world are competing for the trophy along with attention and support from their fans. Much like rest of the world, Pakistan too has been sitting right in front of their television, glued to their screens solely for the love of football.

Since football is having its biggest tournament, it is only fair for the brands to market their brand in accordance to the occasion. Pakistani football fans are football fanatics and are incredibly emotional about their love for football. Hence, pretty much every brand has tried to use some unique idea in order to grasp the audience’s attention and make them feel good about their passion. There are several techniques that are being used by brands which include music, screenings and competitions among many other ways.

Peek Freans Chocolicious, however, takes up on an emotion instead of the occasion. In their new anthem “Dhak Dhak Goal”, Chocolicious establishes itself successfully and manages to create a connection between the young football players and the game itself. They have added a local flavor to the anthem which not even adds to the relatability but also shows the entire world an image of Pakistan and how passionate Pakistanis are about a sport that they are not even competing in at present.

The upbeat tune goes perfectly in sync with the kind of energy football as a game has. Not only is this a beautiful fusion of local culture and an internationally recognized game but is also something that people can call their own. The song is incredibly catchy as the tune gets stuck in your head as soon as you hear it for the first time whereas the cinematography remains beautiful with its very Pakistani art direction.

On a visual front, the video connects people from different backgrounds, be it different socio-economic classes, ethnicities or races and puts them on the same platform that is the platform of sport and particularly football. The video has taken the nation by storm and has already crossed over 9 Million views on social media in less than a week.

The sentiment that arises after listening to the song and watching the video is of great ambition. It is the kind of emotion that makes you want to leave your seats, pull your socks up and just go for whatever it is that their heart desires.

The brand has taken a strong and very different approach by not taking up on a football personality or something along those lines and instead focuses on where the game originated and where its premises lie. Football is a raw and organic game and that is exactly the kind of sentiment that Chocolicious has successfully put through. Football is for everyone and so is Chocolicious. It is a brilliant analogy and it holds true, especially given the local yet internationally relevant anthem.

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