Sargam Kay Khilaadi- an audio visual project kicks off with its debut track ‘Humnasheen’


The launch of Sargam Kay Khilaadi- an audio visual project is marked by the release of its debut track ‘Humnasheen’


The launch of Sargam Kay Khilaadi (SKK( will be marked by the release of its debut track ‘Humnasheen’ on the 12th of September all across Pakistan via social media. Sargam Kay Khilaadi (SKK(  is an audio-visual project, dedicated to the pure joy of creating and sharing music.  The project aims to bring like-minded musicians from South East Asia, and open doors to collaboration. Sargam Kay Khilaadi (SKK( yearns for a return to basics – strong melody, romance and poetry.

Sargam Kay Khilaadi (SKK( is the brainchild of 2014 Lux Style Awards winner of Best Emerging Talent –  Shaheryar Mirza. As chief composer and lyricist, Shaheryar credits the golden years of Lollywood and Bollywood as his inspiration. Adnan Qureshi, an Islamabad-based vocalist who has toured all across the United States of America and captivated audiences across the nation is part of the team

‘Humnasheen’ is a debut track by Sargam Kay Khilaadi. Written and composed by Shaheryar Mirza, The lyrics are replete of imagery and words often missing from the modern ‘geet’ form. The song is in the tradition of recent efforts by artist and bands to fuse eastern instrumentation with western influences.

During the shoot of the debut track Hamnasheen, producer of Sargam Kay Khilaadi (SKK(  Shaheryar Mirza said, “Musically, ‘Humnasheen’ is a callback to 70’s Lollywood and Bollywood music; the song is a catchy ode to romance.With Pakistani cinema making a dramatic comeback, the timing for a musical revival could not have been better. With Sargam Kay Khilaadi we hope to achieve just that and we look forward to working with different artists from South East Asia through this platform”

Originally imagined as a duet; a musical conversation between two lovers, ‘Humnasheen’ features 3 voices.  Shaheryar Mirza lends his silky smooth vocals, Adnan Qureshi with his assured vibrato; and a close friend who prefers to go by the pseudonym ‘Xiya’ due to personal reasons. Sarmad Ghafoor has produced the audio track, while Zeeshan Siddiqui is the video director. The music video was shot in the scenic Bani Gala locality of Islamabad, with its idyllic views and sunsets. Primarily a performance video, the video features the sultry model Fatima Ijaz.

Sargam Kay Khilaadi (SKK( plans to release 100% original material, with a hint of nostalgia and a dose of ‘filmi’ elements we love so much as a nation. Watch this space for new releases and tracks paying an ode to our traditions and rich culture steeped in poetry, music and harmonies.

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