Bold Launches Limited Edition Deodrant for Independence and Defense Day


One of a kind in Pakistan, Bold Body spray has garnered the attention of many consumers lately. This body spray promises to provide its customers with more fragrance and no gas. It is claimed to be the only body spray in Pakistan that offers the consumers a completely gas free deodorant.

Bold Body Spray Limited Edition

Recently, Bold Body spray launched a limited edition deodorant in respect to Independence day and Defense day, called the ‘Smell of Freedom’. Much like other deodorants by Bold Body spray, this has three times more liquid content than other competitive options which leads to it lasting much longer as well.

Moreover, these deodorants can be used on clothes as well as the body given their low to none gas content. Bold body sprays and deodorants are formulated after extensive research and hand picked fragrances from several European countries.

Unlike their everyday products, this limited edition ‘Smell of Freedom’ is highly representative of Pakistani scent. It resonates the spirit and the idea attached to the love for Pakistan.

Hilal Care, after successfully making their mark in the body spray market, have launched something unique and something that carries with itself the spirit of Pakistan. It will be interesting to see how well the limited edition deodorant fares on the minds and hearts of the people.

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