Xiaomi launches Mi 6 and Mi Max2 Smartphones in Pakistan


Xiaomi as a phone brand is something now every Pakistani is aware of. Since its launch in 2016 with Smartlink Technologies as its official distributors, Xiaomi has launched many smartphones in Pakistan. Also, daraz.pk has been the official e-commerce partner for Xiaomi, launching most of its products online for easier accessibility.

Xiaomi has now successfully penetrated into the 6th largest Smartphone market in the world and lived up to their claim of producing extra ordinary gadgets at ordinary prices as can be seen by the number of products it has been consistently producing and selling high quality products since its launch in Beijing in 2010.

Not only did Xiaomi make its mark in the Smartphone industry, it is also set to leave an impression as far as Eco-friendly products are concerned. Along with Mi 6 and Mi Max 2, the new launches, they have also recently launched a range of ECO products that are efficient for the consumer and also the environment.

Mi 6:

This phone is more or less a smartphone users dream come true. It has a super-fast processor which is powered by the efficient Snapdragon 835. This system allows for the phone to consume lesser battery for a longer period of time giving the phone a rather durable and long lasting battery life. Furthermore the phone offers a variety of features to be enjoyed by its consumers:

  • A 5.15” HD display that allows a relaxed interaction with the phone screen.
  • Dual cameras with special features and high megapixels to make your photographs look sharp and beautiful.
  • A 6GB RAM that supports more than the competitive products in the market and allows for a swift use of the phone.
  • As for the appearance of the phone, the Mi6 is introduced in a number of colors to appeal to different sets of the society. The colors include, Black, White, Blue and special colours like Ceramic Black and Mercury Silver

Mi Max 2:

Apart from the tremendous Mi 6, Xiaomi, through Smartlink Technologies has also launched a phone called the Mi Max 2. Thought to be just as efficient but emphasises on a “Big Display, Bigger Battery” through its slogan. Rumour has it that the Mi Max 2 will have an extra-ordinarily large display screen of 6.44″ and a battery of more than 5000 mAh, which is stronger than most power banks.

Eco Products:

Xiaomi is not only shining in the smartphone department is also rumoured to have been introducing a number of Environmentally strong and supportive products under their ECO range. These products include Electronic Scooter, Amazfit Pace, Mi Band 2, Mi Bluetooth Speakers, 10000 mAh Mi Powerbank Pro, 20000 mAh Mi Powerbank 2, and several more.

With its growing speed in the Pakistani smartphone market, Xiaomi is most definitely a contender for being one of the best in Pakistan. With its variety in production and availability towards everyone, Xiaomi has been an impressive addition into the market.

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