“Achayi Barhne Do” A Beautiful Message conveyed through new BlueBand TVC


In a kind of world where one person is taught and raised to topple the other in achievements, the essence of compassion remains limited. Highlighting compassion as well as empathy is the new TVC by Blue Band. It is not only heartwarming to see it but also very interesting how it gives such a strong message not only to the children of Pakistan but also the parents raising them. The TVC preaches individuals to accommodate and not isolate ones different from us, in this context, particularly differently-abled children.

Achayi Barhne Do

The TVC revolves around children learning to play like a differently abled child would. This is the exact opposite of what we see happening, it is the differently abled children on most occurrences who have to try and fit into the ‘normal’ children. The concept of the TVC not only puts a message across but also brings a tear into the eyes of anyone watching it. People need to understand that disability is not a choice and the children/individuals who are born this way need to be treated with care and support. These people do not need our pity or our sympathy, they just need us to treat them like their own and that is exactly what the TVC endorses.

Achayi Barhne Do

Another very important bit in the TVC is the emphasis it lays on character development of children. Parents all over the world focus more on the kind of ability and skill their child possess, very rarely do they focus on the kind of character that their child is building for himself.

It is indeed very promising to see brands and celebrities coming forward and promoting the differently-abled and creating a certain sense of awareness among the people regarding how these people need to be seen as. Indeed, it’s a great initiative by Blue Band and a rather beautiful TVC to commemorate that initiative.

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