JazzCash makes Pakistan proud on International Forum


JazzCash Team Win Glomo Awards

In a recent turn of events, JazzCash took Pakistan onto an international platform and made it proud. It was the announcement in Barcelona that put JazzCash and Pakistan in the spotlight. The announcement was that of JazzCash winning at the prestigious GSMA Glomo Awards. These awards take into consideration everything related to the world of mobiles and recently announced their winners at the Mobile World Congress 2017 held at Barcelona.

The win was in the category of the ‘Best Mobile Product, Application, Service for women in emerging markets’ as JazzCash has made several lives easy by its convenient banking system. This system has allowed many women, specifically in the rural parts of Pakistan to manage their finances with utmost ease.

The jury at the GSMA Glomo Awards picked JazzCash out of 5 nominations from across the globe, recognizing its’ effort in making many lives easier and also creating a new market. The recognition was graciously received by the CEO of Jazz, Mr Aamir Ibrahim who went on to say “It is a proud moment for all of us at Jazz. We are proud that our efforts have been recognized at this international forum. This further reinforces our resolve to ensure that each and every customer benefits from the digital revolution spearheaded by Jazz’

It is not an everyday occurrence to see a mobile service targeting even the most remote areas flourish. Moreover, the very same service also making the country proud in a rather competitive digital world is also not something one would incur very often. JazzCash, winning on an international platform, proves Pakistan has actively been a part of the newly evolved digital world.

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