Drama Serial “Wafa Ka Mausam” Premieres on TV One (Episode 1 Review)


Directed by B.Q, written by Riffat Sairaj and a TV ONE Production ‘Wafa Ka Mausam’ commenced on Wednesday night at 8 pm on TV ONE. I didn’t really had any high expectations from the drama since the promos itself seemed quite average, but the very first episode was rather a decent one. It was on a slower side though, but since it’s a first episode the story might develop further in the coming episodes.

Drama Wafa Ka Mausam Review

The drama opened with Komal (Neelam Munir) visiting her ancestral village along with 2 of her friends. Komal hails from a rich family but lives in the city and her father belongs to village she’s visiting. She comes to the village to spend her vacations and the girls, together, discover the village. Komal is a kind of sweet girl and Neelam Munir fitted the role quite impressively too. Despite of trying a lot, it was really hard to connect to the ongoing situations. At one hand it was interesting to see her engaging into the conversations with the worker but on the other hand, some scenes felt a bit too dragged, the reason could be that the director wanted the viewers to relate to Komal and every ongoing situation in the first episode itself.

Moving on to the introduction of the next character, which was of Dara (Aijaz Aslam), who seems to be an educated man and plans to work towards improving his village. He’s wise and understands the outcomes of certain decisions, thus he hopes to open schools and hospitals in the village. Dara’s character was very much relatable because the events revolving around him helped the viewers understand the kind of person he is and what to expect from him in the future. Going by what is shown, Komal gets attracted to Dara in the very first sight, as she sees him from the roof and shies away immediately as he feels her presence. This scene shows that despite of being an outgoing girl, Komal still knows on how to react at certain points and that’s what makes the viewers connect to her part easily. Instead of showing a cliched scene, the director decided to go with something more connectable and real to see which makes us look forward to their journey.

Well, there were a lot of characters introduced in the very first episode, we saw Noman Habib as a not so typical brat types guy who doesn’t do well in studies and has been a reason of distress for his parents. Komal’s parents were introduced as rather different people where mom worries for her daughter being in the village without any sources, the dad on the other hand was quite confident of his daughter and believed that she can do well in terms of taking care of herself. To what it seems, Komal’s father might be the troublemaker of the drama. Moreover a kid was also introduced, which seems to be or let’s assume it to be son of Dara because to what he spoke to his granddad clearly hinted of him being the son which makes the whole story even more unpredictable to how will the things turn out for Dara and his future lady love.

The supporting cast did pretty well in terms of acting, the character of Komal’s neighbor was easy going. I appreciate the efforts of the makers for making sure that every actor goes with an accent that compliments their character.

There was nothing extra ordinary in the whole episode and since I said i didn’t had much expectations from it, so in terms of that it went fine. All the characters were introduced smoothly and it was not really hard to connect to them except Nouman Habib’s character which basically didn’t had much to offer. Blame the less screen time or his acting, it lacked the charm which the character was expected to have. It somehow didn’t left the impact it should’ve, the director should’ve worked more to make the character look better or should we blame the writer for penning a character with no depth and just exterior looks?

Well, overall the concept doesn’t seem to be different or unique but as the makers revealed earlier that it will focus on caste system, so let’s see how the story unfolds in the future because so far Wafa Ka Mausam was not that extra ordinary. The precap showed that there isn’t going to be something new, except the introduction of two new characters. However, I’m still looking forward to how the story unfolds in the coming episodes.

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