It comes as no surprise that Pakistan has been blessed with immensely talented as well as compassionate individuals. The talent, however, somehow gets unnoticed due to either lack of exposure or personal crisis. Being a bright light for these talented individuals is a campaign called ‘Sparkistan’ initiated by Atlas Battery. This campaign puts forward the stories and struggles of 15 unsung heroes of Pakistan.

Sparkistan Campaign

Among these unsung heroes is Dr Naeem Taj. This very surgeon from Rawalpindi holds not just one but two Guinness Book of World Records. One, of removing the longest gall bladder and then the largest appendix which was approximately 21cm long! Dr Taj specialises in general/laparoscopic surgeries and at present works at the CDA hospital.

Another gem from Pakistan that shone bright but failed to catch the eye is Muhammad Ali from the city of lights, Karachi. Much like the city, his effort is called Roshni Helpline. He has been working as a human activist in Pakistan for the past 20 years in favour of children, women and even ethnic minorities. He established Roshni helpline in 2006 as a non profit as well as non governmental organisation as a step to protect women and children from all sorts of abuse and injustice. His efforts go beyond providing them just shelter, he aims to help these individuals psychologically as well.

Lastly, an unsung ‘heroine’, if she may be called, Samar Khan. Samar Khan is an athlete who holds the record of being the first woman to be able to cycle on top of Biafo Glacier in the Karakoram Mountains in Gilgit-Baltistan. Even though the Tourism Department of Gilgit has awarded her with certificates, her name remains unknown to many. Not only is she an athlete but also a social activist who is keen on introducing the Pakistani youth to adventure sports.

Pakistan is home to many gems, most of which remain unknown but an initiative like Sparkistan from Atlas Battery can help bring them forward as inspirations. We congratulate the brand and its creative agency for highlighting these unsung heroes of Pakistan.

Check out now this beautiful anthem song of #Sparkistan campaign: