Almost all of us are well acquainted with the brand name Dalda and all in good faith. Dalda, as a food brand has recently launched their line of potato chips called ‘Knockout’. These chips were introduced alongside six different flavours which include Masala Punch, Cheese Overload, Jalapeno Cheese, Sour Cream & onion and Simply Salted.

Knock out flavors

The Knockout TVC looks more than just interesting as it draws away from the typical approach of celebrity endorsements. The entire commercial is animated with bits of live action and focuses on the product itself making it the highlight of the TVC in place of any celebrity or location.  The plain black background with neon lights connecting the flavours act as a unique idea and keeps the audience’s’ focus where it is meant to be as the neon colours are the colours of packaging too. This establishes a connection between the animation and the product.

Watch TVC below:

The idea behind the product is to ‘Knockout’ the taste buds of the consumer and the TVC complements that idea in the sense that it knocks the typical way of advertising with the help of celebrities, out of the equation. There is a rather interesting combination of live action and animation throughout the commercial which though animated, keeps it real. The music too, adds to the rigid idea of knocking out and makes the commercial worthwhile.

With an interesting combination of animation and live action, well fitted background score and what looks like a promising product, this TVC does a fine job in getting its’ point across.