Pepsi and Shoaib Malik turn Street Cricket Match to an Exciting Game of #PinballCricket


When one hears of Cricket, the first sponsor that comes to our mind is Pepsi. It is this association that has not only promoted Cricket on national and international platforms but has also been keeping in consideration the recent likeness of technology. For years, Pepsi has upheld the tradition of promoting cricket in Pakistan.


In a recent film made for social media by Pepsi, the audiences get to see not just the bond Pepsi shares with cricket in Pakistan but also the use of unique and new technology acknowledging how modifications can be important. The video revolves around a group of young men playing cricket on the street and deciding on the rules before they start. This is when the star of the campaign, Shoaib Malik joins them with the very interesting technology of Pinball Cricket! Since it is a new concept, Pinball cricket is creating the space for cricket into a 3D Pinball machine that allows for the street cricket rules to be followed extensively.

The film garnered quite a lot of appreciation, especially from the younger generation of Pakistan that seems rather fascinated by the idea. Street cricket has been more or less a phenomenon in Pakistan and has given Pakistan some of its biggest legends and presenting that to the audiences with a slight bit of modification is something Pepsi should be applauded for.

shoaib malik playing pinball cricket

Pakistanis are passionate for cricket, it happens to be more than just a sport here and the idea of Pinball cricket has attracted many people. The use of technology and a star like Shoaib Malik make the video a rather memorable one. This one of a kind experience has encouraged many people to be speaking about it on social media too, as the purpose was.

Watch below the video to experience the innovative game of #PinballCricket

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