Zohaib Amjad’s Big Budget Music Video Anni Paa Dee Is An Instant Hit


The music scene in Pakistan has recently seen a boom with a lot of newer singers coming up with singles. Most of these have sung Punjabi numbers and have done a decent job at it. One of these is the recent pop single Anni Pa De by Zohaib Amjad who has previously collaborated with celebrated Punjabi Pop icons Raftaar and Dr Zeus.

Zohaib Amjad Anni Pa De

The video is directed by Arsal Khan who promotes the usual larger than life portrayal from Punjabi music videos. This video has an edge over the other because of a rather known face from Bollywood, Evelyn Sharma. Also, taking extravagance to a new level, the video features a couple of Lamborghini cars with a Helipad and a lavish lifestyle. The budget of the video was 1Crore PKR which was produced by Kazim Hasan and Jibran Khan. Where the audio was produced under the popular TIGERSTYLE from the UK, the release of the song was under the wing of BEYOND RECORDS, a Pak-Canadian record label.

Anni Pa De was an instant hit as it saw 750,000 views on YouTube within a week of its release which is a milestone of its own. Another thing rather interesting about the entire video was Billy, who was constantly seen wearing extravagant and branded clothing, making various appearances alongside the 25 Models from around the world who were called to perform.

With a rather grand budget, the music video has utilised it to its fullest. From the lead model, to the wardrobe to the locations, the entire music video is a treat to watch for at least a single time. The 750.000 views in a week can be proof of that. Zohaib Amjad, does a good job as he works from people across the world to come up with a number like this.

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