Pass a Smile with Lays 50 Days of Summer Smiles!


Lays Pass A Smile Campaign

Lays new packaging is beyond creativity – it’s sheer fun and it’s super endearing. The moment we laid hands on the packet, we took a selfie with the cheesy smile and flaunted it like a pageant (exaggerated much here!) This was exactly what Lays wanted us to do. The #PassASmile campaign is more than just a packaging, but rather a way to bond people together. Lays has always been successful in executing campaigns that revolve around the idea of, ‘sharing is caring.’ This particular campaign is designed to help keep you and your friends chirpy and cheesy!

What if You Passed a Smile and Could Win 1 lakh!

Exactly! It’s not a joke people! You could actually win 1 lakh or an Automatic A3 Sedan with Lays new 50 Days of Summer Smiles. All you have to do is grab your favorite Lays flavor, scratch the code given behind the pack and send the code to 9005. Once done, your number will be added to the lucky draw and if you’ve always had good luck, you could win the grand A3 Sedan or 1 lac Rupees. This is sure a great way to test your lucky charms. Send in the code, enjoy your lays and pass a smile – doesn’t get better than this, does it?

How Does This Work?

Simple. Lays has a finite set of codes for the Scratch and Win Contest. The codes have to be sent via SMS to 9005 and thus the user’s number and the code is stored. In the lucky draw, the winner will be identified through their mobile number and so this eliminates any chances of bogus or random numbers.

To further make it as a fair contest, you will be asked to send in your CNIC number too. When receiving the prize, make sure to have a valid CNIC or a driver license and the scratched packet with you. Further details, including policies, terms and conditions are provided here: Lays Smiles campaign Terms and Conditions.

Winners of Lays Pass A Smile Campaign

Dates and Other Information

The weekly draws started from the 10th of July and continues until the next 50 days. Every week, lucky winners will be announced on Facebook with their pictures, CNIC number and area. The contest applies to all new Lays packets of Rs.30, 50 and 100.

So wait no longer. Go grab your jumbo Lays packet, pass a smile and win a few bucks!

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