Stars On The Mountains by Saad Sultan & Robin Ryczek featuring Eden & Zabi.



Saad Sultan & Robin Ryczek featuring Eden & Zabi.

Music for love, peace and humanity – Saad Sultan

The project brings together people from different countries (Saad from Pakistan, Robin n Eden from USA and Zabi from Afghanistan) to collaborate and sing together for peace and harmony.

DOP/Edit/Direction: Humayun Zadran
Post: Usman Aly
Written by: Saad Sultan, Robin Ryczek, Eden Macadam-Somer, Zabi Jawan Mard and Humayun Zadran.
Composed by: Saad Sultan, Eden Macadam-Somer and Zabi Jawan Mard.
Arranged & Produced by: Saad Sultan @ Sound Studies Studio, Kabul, Afghanistan.
Special thanks: Sound Studies Project, Aamir Aly, Daniel Majchrowicz & Somee Chauhan.

Check out the music video below:

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