The Star Studded #FoodiesWithoutBorders Event Held in Lahore


Food in Pakistan is synonymous to 7up as we have seen 7up celebrate food ever since it came into being. Be it, desi food or a random takeaway, 7up has always been complementing the taste of the food. 7Up acknowledges every foodie in its’ own special way and gives their taste buds a treat.


Recently, 7Up organised an event solely for the love of food and foodies. This event saw an inflow of various popular vendors from all over Pakistan into one place! Now that sounds like a treat doesnt it? The list of the vendors includes Chullu Kebab, Karachi Haleen, Burns Road Bun Kabab and Merathi Dhaga Kabab from Karachi. From Lahore, the event saw the likes of, Waris Nihari, Zakir Tikka and Phajjey ke Paaye. Most of these things are very famous in the other cities of Pakistan. From Peshawer various Kebab units saw the light of this event, like Peshaweri Seekh Kabab, Allahuddin Chapal Kabab and the much known Charsi Tikka!

Apart from the mouthwatering food, the event saw attendance from many celebrities that included Cybil Chowdhary, Amanat Ali, Nouman Javaid, Adeel Chaudhry, Filmstar Noor, Ahmed Ali Butt and many more. The event was a huge success at it broke down barriers between various cities of Pakistan that fail to enjoy the taste and essence of food from other cities of Pakistan.

The celebrities and the brilliant display of food was, fortunately, not the only thing that kept the visitors in awe of the event. Hundreds of people who visited the event were mesmerised by a Performance by Khumaariyan the Band.

The event was set up beautifully with each vendor having its own space. The atmosphere was made to look incredibly positive as the ‘7up Green’ was seen everywhere at the event. Not just celebrities but the common people of Lahore who visited, lighted the event up. It was a foodie get together, after all.

It looked like a huge festival going on considering the theme of the event itself. Not only was food the focus of the event but almost the promotion of the everyday life in Pakistan as everyone was seen posing with and in front of rickshaws, buses and other props and items that were present to suit the visitors interest.

As interesting as the décor was, it never took away from the attention food was getting. The best of Pakistani food was brought it one place and it looked not only good but extravagant.

The idea of hosting an event solely for the love of food and the convenience of foodies is something one could only be expecting from a brand like 7up that has always paid special attention towards how the beverage adds to the taste of its’ consumers.

Below are some photos from the amazing event:

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