Ufone: Bringing out the best in everyone this Ramzan!


With the media becoming a major tool to encourage or discourage the audience into subscribing to a certain product or service, several companies resort to celebrity endorsements. This year in Ramzan, Ufone has attempted to bring a change in that. They have agreed to uplift third party NGO’s for the betterment of the society.

To think of it, lately, there have been a lot of humanitarian initiatives in order to bring a positive change in society and Ufone has decided to promote them. The three campaigns that Ufone has decided to encourage include Khana Ghar in Karachi, Operation Eid Child in Islamabad and Deewar-e-Meherbaani in Peshawar.


All three, set in different cities of Pakistan, offer different relief services to the poor. Where Khana Ghar by Parveen Saeed allows the poor a meal in Rs 3, Operation Eid Child by Sharmine Aziz makes the grieving poor children happy and Deewar-e-Mehrbaani provides basic necessities to the needy.

Khana Ghar now has various set ups in Karachi and is growing slowly. Parveen Saeed has made her mark in the world of kindness.

We see, Sharmine Aziz following the idea and providing the underprivileged kids, boxes of pure happiness in the auspicious month of Ramzan.

Keeping the spirit alive, Deewar-e-Mehrbaani by Wadaan, encourages the residents of Peshawar to donate and contribute towards the wellness of the poor.

This bold step by Ufone can be called one of a kind considering most telecom companies use advertising strategy to promote their services. Millions are invested into activities like branding and campaigns in this regard. For a change, these millions of rupees will be used to support these small initiatives, hinting at a step towards a better Pakistan.

Small initiatives like that of Khana Ghar, Operation Eid Child and Deewar-e-Mehrbaani run without the sense of personal gain. These ideas offer a gain to the masses, who need help in various ways. Such organisations and initiatives can only become huge successes when the people take a step forward and support them. Ufone has taken the first step to restore the true meaning of Ramzan, the people of Pakistan are to follow.

Take a look here at the unveiling of Ufone’s Ramzan campaign:

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