Hamza Ali Abbasi endorses Pepsi’s #LightingUpLives Campaign


With summers on high peak and the increase in weather temperature every year, we all want to at least have the basic necessity of life that is light (electricity), which many of us take for granted as our ACs don’t turn down and our fans? Well, those aren’t even counted. Do we even realize that many fellow brothers and sisters of our nation are deprived of this bare necessity? They have aims and ambitions too, forget about aims and ambitions; they have a life! A life they have to, with no choice live in the dark.

Pepsi Lighting up lives

It’s time to bring about a change in their lives and Pepsi has retaken the initiative featuring the heart throb Hamza Ali Abbasi. Pepsi has come up with its campaign #LightingUpLives, which very much like last year is guaranteed to be a huge success and is gaining popularity. What have we got to do about it? Pitch in! Buy a 1.7L Pepsi Bottle and donate 1 Rupee to light up someone’s life by providing them with access to light which they need at times of studying and/or cooking just like all of us.

I have made my friends take an oath that they will buy as many Pepsi bottles as they can, I kid you not, I am super excited for this campaign and am proud that someone is taking this much ignored issue seriously especially after getting addicted to Abida Parveens impactful song score of the TVC, which pulled my spirits high and gave me a new meaning to self-being.  By the way did I talk about Hamza Ali Abbassi? No? How could I have missed him, I think he is the perfect face choice for the campaign.

I wish Pepsi the best of luck and many blessings for carrying out such a spectacular campaign with everything being on point, from the idea to the execution. Thumbs up guys!

Watch below the TVC of LightingUpLives campaign:

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