Ali Sethi Takes Lahore by Storm at LACAS Mein Kuch Khaas



Ali Sethi performed live at a sold out concert in Lahore this Friday at LACAS Mein Kuch Khaas.

He opened the evening with the famous ghazal sung by Mehdi Hassan “Mohabat Karnay Walay” and proceeded to perform songs and ghazals such as Dil Jalanay ki Baat Kartay Ho, Aah ko Chaiye, Haal Aisa Nahin, Kithay Nain Na Jorin, Piya Rey, Tere Bin Nahin Lagda Dil Mera Dholna to an enthralled audience. Ali also debuted elements of a new world music sound within his own unique interpretation and closed the evening by singing the famous Dhamaal “Lal Meri”.

Kuch Khaas is a not-for-profit organisation that works to cultivate and support arts and culture in Pakistan. It is the biggest non-government community and cultural centre of Pakistan. Since 2010, Kuch Khaas has served as a participative community space in the capital city of Islamabad and now in Lahore at LACAS, providing a platform for local artists and creative thinkers to build their skills, express their ideas and showcase their work

Ali Sethi is a Lahore-born writer and musician. A graduate of Harvard College, he is the author of the acclaimed debut novel ‘The Wish Maker’ and a contributor to The New York Times op-ed page. Ali is also a classically trained vocalist. He made his singing debut on Season 8 of Coke Studio Pakistan and was featured on the soundtracks of Mira Nair’s ‘The Reluctant Fundamentalist’ (2013) and Sarmad Khoosat’s ‘Manto’ (2015). Presently Ali is making a documentary film and working on his second book.

Watch live performence:

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