Sounds From Underground By GHAURI feat. Various Artists



Song: Sounds from Underground
Artist: Ghauri

Track Details :
Sounds from underground is a collaborative project as a result of GHAURI’s #Sunno 16 bars competition. Best verses from that competition compiled into this project containing artists from States, Spain, India and Pakistan.

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Sounds From Underground | #SFU — Rap Demon | Rapo | Nu Zane |…Audio Download : : year GHAURI previously known by stage name BCL Blade in association with, hosted one of a kind online drop-a-verse competition in which desi rappers from across the globe participated with more than 200 entries. He took best verses from the competition and came out with this track called “Sounds From Underground” and as promised by this winners track will win global distribution of this track by us and full track produced, mixed mastered by GHAURI. Track Details :Sounds from underground is a collaborative project as a result of GHAURI’s #Sunno 16 bars competition. Best verses from that competition compiled into this project containing artists from States, Spain, India and Pakistan.Join us on facebook : GHAURI : : Abdullah Malik : : Singh :

Posted by Ghauri on Saturday, 5 March 2016


[Intro – GHAURI]

Ladies and gentlemen
We present to you
Sounds From the Underground

[Verse 1 – Rap Demon]

Look i am no rollin’ stone
Killin’ a beat i feel like home
Comtemplatin’ why its aching
Kinda’ feelin’ like they sleepin’ on (me)
But that’s the one they never gonn’ wake up from
Hip Hop is what they fakin’ on
Dinner table full of fake rappers and
My breath smells like blood and bones
Dead and gone, No more mr nice guy
Puff and be ‘Gas-price-High’
Then they beggin’ Mr.Reaper “Can-I-Die”
When i’m shredding these speaker with my rhymes
I’m lettin’ this reefer hit my mind
I keep wreckin’ i don’t need a semi or a nine
I’m just doin’ fine
Rock a pill and i’m killin’em off
Touchin’ the cealin’ i’m off,Willing or not
I’m invadin’ this game Like Atilla the hun
Still in the run, On to num’ one
Under the ground, They call me a tremor
Eatin’ the mainstream gimme’ no bammer
Flow chtezi words like daggers
Mr Paki King of Swagger
Sunno ! ni sunn’na tey tussi ren do
Karday haan gallaan onu pitt pichay yen do
Ren do tussaan keyboard warriors
L nu wey chaddo tey take a fuckin’ stand bro

[Verse 2 – Rapo]

J Citroen di back seat tay bah ma cigarette
Paran tennu ki lagay kharchay mere apne
J galiyan ch sari rat kumda ma notan de pichay
Ay munde nai disde us waale
Haran nu hega nai jo hega c sub har gaya
Har k jeetan minu kawo tusi bazigar
Minu mataan na dewo minu ghlat sabat kro
J lokan nu dukh de k rawo gay khush tusi
Tay soch tawday ghlat ay kinaya nay dil toray nay
Kiyan de dil toray nay labhna kise nu ki ay
Labna minu jo jee ay
Ay he soch lay k torda ma aj v kal v
Ma sab tun han otay
Hathi daran da tay minu kuj samjan da
Doway he cheezan nay la elaaj
Ithay ajmal kisab wangu koop main nay chaki
Lafan di mar mar k fire par deni wekhiii

[Verse 3 – Nu Zane]

I do it for the streets and y’all already know that
Put my love gloves on fuvk that pvssy till its 4 past
My romance is top class
Her pole dance is top less
My bank account got a tall cash
Like a C4 charge imma go blast
That audience that hate me
Jacuzzi for young ladies
Mercedes thats my ride man
Only bad bitches at shower man
Gah damn! .. Motherfvck you all my AK47 go blah blah !
My liquor to strong imma make a shawty mix it up and have that!
Uh! chilling all these bitch ass rappers think they cool enough to win it
They fool enough i mean it
I spit rap authentic and too brainy for ya’ll
Everything upside down you can’t pick what i found
You bitch or a clown
Please don’t picture it now
You don’t have enough time for that
Now I’m going for the crown sit back
Brown girls uptown girls i got’em all
Max love for’em standing with me in this war.!!

[Verse 4 – Kiat Singh]

Oh soch-da eh kuch, Mein soch-da ah kuch
Gabroo punjabi kharri rakh da eh mush
Lokii sarran bathere mein reinda kiu kush
Mere apne bagaane laun-de ne bahaney
Kidda de zammane, Eh matlabi afzaane
Kadi kise na janne, Hunde gupt jayee chorr
Es gal da eh dukh, Chall hundaaa ni kuch
Gabroo punjabi kharri rakh da eh mush
Challo eh ta zindgii
Zindgii jive eh zameen
Adhii eh sawaa-va adhii eh haseen
Adhii eh kalii..adhii eh rangeen
Karda hunda nikama banda he toheen
Bcl di beat Nall kharre mere veer
Dojji saath davve taqdeer
Live rap da maidaan Koi wajjni na cheat
Mein kateer di akheer
Khar ke dekho ga zamaana Jado laangna mein cheer

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