Umair Jaswal talks about Mor Mahal and Yalghaar


Remember Sammi Meri Waar. And the stud who simply won hearts. Wait a minute … who doesn’t know Umair Jaswal! My bad; anyhow – he is undoubtedly one of the most good looking rock-stars we have, and the oomph factor makes him a winner! All set to branch off to acting, I had a conversation with Jaswal on his upcoming television debut, Mor Mahal.

Umair Jaswal Mor Mahal

“I play the role of a Nawab, it’s the main lead. Mor Mahal is basically a fantasy period play based in the 18th century. And honestly, my experience was phenomenal. It was an honour having my debut play written by a wordsmiths like Sarmad Sehbai and Sarmad Khoosat. The confidence they had in me was unbelievable, even I couldn’t believe that I could pull it off (laughs). Overall it was like a schooling for me as an actor, an amazing opportunity for me to polish my skills. And I feel that I just graduated! At the end of the day, we all really worked hard. I had workshops and went through an audition as well. So, I hope the people like the serial as much as they have been loving the teasers.” says the singer-turned-actor in a nervous yet overwhelming voice.

But wasn’t Umair Jaswal gearing up for his big screen debut with the star studded, Yalghaar. Well, the story had totally revolved 360 degrees PakiUM followers! This is what the rocker had to say:

“I had to walk out of Yalghaar as I had to shoot Mor Mahal and had some other things to do as well, and it was truly taking forever. Nothing has yet been confirmed, but I think it’s just a cameo now. I started training for the film two and a half years ago, and I wanted to do more music and act as well, so I had to back off from the project. Besides it has a stellar cast, I don’t think one Umair Jaswal would affect the film in any way (laughs).”


On the ending note, as we anticipate to see this heartthrob playing the role of a Nawab, we get to know about what he’s currently up to and it surely seems exciting!

“I’m currently up to a couple of more projects, I don’t have the directors’ say to reveal anything as yet. But I’m secured for this year and will announce one by one and I’ll keep all my fans updated. There are two more acting projects and some very interesting singing assignments coming up as well. So it’s a busy, busy year awaiting me!”

By Ahmed Sarym

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