“Disco funk is my staple diet” – Zoe Viccaji!



Not only did she steal our hearts but also proved her mettle by experimenting with different genres, looks and what not. From being a backup singer at Coke Studio to being one of the most celebrated, talented and stunning musicians in the country – Zoe Viccaji has truly came a long, tiring and successful way. The uber chic singer and guitarist speaks to PakiUM about her journey up till here and what is yet to come!

PakiUM: So what are your current lineup of upcoming projects?

Zoe Viccaji: I’m trying to build my new sound. I just released a new track from my upcoming disco funk EP. Working on lots of collaborations with various artists. Two are coming soon – one with Shehzad Roy and the other with a very talented young guy from Chitral.

PakiUM: How did your journey begin? Was music always your passion?

ZV: Yes! Music was always a part of my life growing up. My Mum also played the guitar and sang. All of our family gatherings were filled with my mother’s friends. Many of whom were musicians and singers. From the beginning – while other girls played house house – I played stage stage. My friend and I would learn up songs and even create some and sing them to our audience of plants and stuffed animals on the front garden porch (laughs).

PakiUM: According to you, what has been the reason behind the decline of music in Pakistan?

ZV: Politics? Religion? Mainly Zia-Ul-Haq era. I don’t know, we just know it’s not as great as it used to be, but I see every musician around me getting busier and busier these days. So the future is surely looking brighter!

Zoe with her LSA for Best Album.
Zoe with her LSA for Best Album.

PakiUM: Are there any plans of working in films – contributing to the soundtrack or act as well?

ZV: I’m open to it. I’m just waiting for the right project to come along.

PakiUM: Rapid Fire:

1. Who has been your inspiration?

ZV: My grandmother!

2. Pakistan’s most overrated celebrity?

ZV: Rather not say! There are many.

3. Describe yourself in 5 words.

ZV: That’s the kind of question you should ask people who know me (laughs).

PakiUM: Is working internationally on the cards for you?

ZV: Yes, of course. It has been to some level already and I’m now aiming to travel and collaborate a lot more.

PakiUM: You’ve experimented a lot with the genres of your singles, what’s next?

ZV: Disco funk, chitrali cultural, pop, and so on. It’s always something new. But for my own sound, disco funk is my staple diet!

PakiUM: Tell us a bit about your personal life. Any plans of settling down?

ZV: Day to day is how I go!


PakiUM: How was your experience with Coke Studio, how do you think it changed your career?

ZV: It was a game changer for me. It exposed me to Pakistani music and all the styles that exist within the country was associated. It also really put me out there to various kinds of audiences and has been a great platform for me to get my music out there.

PakiUM: On the ending note, what would be your message for the PakiUM readers?

ZV: Support and live music! Support new artists and don’t ever stop listening to new music!

By Ahmed Sarym

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