Mehreen Jabbar’s Lala Begum to be shown in film festivals across India


Mehreen Jabbar

Before starting her project Dobara Phir Se, Mehreen Jabbar started a short film called Lala Begum which was to be aired on Zee TV India for Zeal for Unity initiative.

Six Pakistani directors are expected to showcase their one hour long short films in front of Indian audience.

Mehreen Jabbar’s Lala Begum features, Humayun Saeed, Sonia Rahman, and Marina Khan in lead roles. The film was made to be presented in a film festival organized by Zee TV and Mehreen kept quiet about it until now.

According to Mehreen in conversation with Dawn Images, Lala Begum is a family drama, “It is a story of two estranged sisters who meet after a long time.” She also mentioned that the short film is not like any other typical Pakistani drama.

“Cultural exchange is one of the strongest and most effective ways of promoting understanding and respect while learning from what we can offer each other. I think this is an amazing venture and probably it’s the first time that such an initiative has been organized,” Mehreen said while talking about relationship of the neighboring countries.

Mumbai Mirror, a prominent Indian source stated that 12 directors, 6 from Pakistan and 6 from India, will showcase their work in film festival that will take place all over India.

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