Karachi Eat Festival 2016 Hosted by 7UP Pakistan


Karachi Eat festival is known for giving Karachiites – variety of food options from different people and eateries under one domain and it’s an annual event that is waited by foodies residing in the city of light. This year, Karachi Eat 2016 was bigger, better and surely it was grand than last year. Hosted and organized by 7UP Pakistan, the annual food event was attended by thousand of food enthusiasts of Karachi at the historical Frere Hall. This year, 7UP Pakistan was one of the main sponsors of the mega hit event which attracted thousands of people from the city.

Karachi Eat Festival 2016

Although this year, plenty of food joints showcased their stalls full of food, I actually went for Nutella Gol Gappay – which was a unique take of our local spicy Gol Gappay but obviously turning into a complete dessert which totally was one of the most preferred food items in the festival. Although there was couple of new eatables that I observed on the lot, but churros with chocolate dip, perhaps was something that I tasted for the first time ever in my life and I completely enjoyed every bit of it. And of course, when you have so much food around, you surely need a better drink to track it all down and digest it so therefore 7UP perfectly accompanied the food craving.

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As far as the event is concerned, I believe such events should happen more than once in a year because it’s a healthy entertainment for people who are busy with their ‘nine to five’ routine so it’s a brilliant reason for them to ditch their regular routines and come out with their families and loved ones to experience different delicacies and flavors which this city of lights – Karachi has to offer!

Below are some interesting photos from Karachi Eat Festival 2016

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