Maira Khan doing four Pakistani movies, Bollywood debut also on the cards


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She started as child artist and worked really hard to come a long way. From being part of the best drama productions to films, Maira Khan has ventured it all. Talking about her career’s turn towards cinema and films, PakiUM gets an inside scoop on what’s next for Maira Khan!

PakiUM: What’s coming up for Maira Khan?

Maira Khan (MK): Well Revenge Of The Worthless was scheduled to be released on 15th of January but now it’s delayed, then I have a horror film called Khwaab. I have also recently signed Hum Network’s next film called Zehr-e-Ishq. I’m in discussion with another filmmaker for his movie but things haven’t finalised yet. Apart from films I’m also shooting a serial for Hum TV.

PakiUM: Tell us a bit about your film based on Sufism named Zehr-e-Ishq. What sort of character would you be playing?

MK: My character’s name is Chambaili, who is a local girl from Thar. She’s very romantic and caring and loves a guy. It also has a song which is sung by Sunidhi Chohan, so I’m very excited about this one!

PakiUM: What is causing Khwaab’s delay as it was scheduled to release earlier last year?

MK: You know the conditions in Pakistan, people are still not ready to take risks when it comes to making films. They’re a bit short of budget and are working on the story as well, so hopefully it’ll be released soon, hopefully this year.

PakiUM: Is working across the border on the cards?

MK: It is, actually. I have a couple of auditions lined up early in the coming months but I am Mashallah getting so much quality work here that it might take some time for me to finalise something there.

PakiUM: What expectations shall be kept for Revenge Of The Worthless?

MK: I wouldn’t say high but it’s a different concept altogether and I personally am a big fan of films based on true stories, so I think people would actually want to know what happened with their people in the Swat attack.

And the fact that we’ve put our heart and soul into it; we shot at real locations, my scenes were in a four hundred years old graveyard, I got bitten by a Scorpio, my car slipped from a mountain because the breaks failed, so I actually saw heaven and came back while shooting. Fingers crossed!

Maira Khan

PakiUM: On the ending note, what would be your words of wisdom for the PakiUM readers?

MK: I’d say that life is short, enjoy it, live happily, plan the future and forget the past. I would also request people to support our cinema and stop comparing it from other entertainment industries.

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