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We should always be happy but as if it was possible for all of us at all times. Some emotions or feelings do not last forever and change time to time. We are happy at some time and sad at other, celebrating something on some day and later, winning about some other. Nothing last forever and this might be the reason that when Pepsi introduced #SayItWithPepsi campaign in Pakistan, it introduced a vast range of Emojis to express feelings and emotions.

The campaign was first launched in Canada, which received huge success and later adopted in US, Thailand and other countries. Recently, the brand decided to bring it in Pakistan.

I am not brand conscious person but I like shopping and wearing what’s in fashion and looks good on me. This is the reason, that the Emojis which are made on fashion are my favorite, There is one in which Pepsi has printed a shirt, and then there is another in which they have a pair of shoe and last, where the Emoji is wearing a shade. It relates with me and reminds me of myself, how I dress up when I need to go on some event.

The bumper motivates me to do what I like and follow my style. It encourages me to dress up and feel good. It gives a self satisfaction that yeah, I am dressed up and I look good.

I hope they won’t be closing the campaign soon as it is still growing on people and they are relating themselves with Emojis and the expressed emotions. I would be happy to see Pepsi releasing more bumpers to relate with cloths, fashion and lifestyle.

Check video below to see how Pepsi celebrated this new year;

Happy New Year – #SayitwithPepsi

Posted by Pepsi Pakistan on Thursday, December 31, 2015

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