Ajoka’s Youth Theatre Festival Comes to An End


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Ajoka’s Youth Theatre Festival was being celebrated in Lahore from 16-20th December 2015. In this festival, four of Ajoka’s most popular plays were staged. The list included “Dekh Tamasha Chalta Ban”, “Kaun bange Badshah” Marya hoya Kutta” and “Lo phir basant aee”. There were some other plays and performances staged by young artists from LCWU and Hyderabad. These performances were enjoyed by packed auditoriums. The audience was mostly young people, which was the actual reason of having this festival; to attract young audience towards meaningful entertainment.

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After the closing ceremony, few people in the audience were approached to collect feedback on the festival. People were generally happy with the performance. It was highlighted by most of them that such festivals having meaningful entertainment for the youth should be held more often. Executive Director Shahid Nadeem replied that “Ajoka’s mission is to provide meaningful entertainment to the youth so that we can bring social change through our theatrical art.

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