An Exclusive Interview with Farhan Saeed


Exclusive Interview with Farhan Saeed!

From being wanted to highly wanted, Farhan Saeed is one superstar who has came a long way. Being the star of Jal band to being a superstar on his own, PakiUM exclusively speaks to Saeed on his highly successful single, Roiyaan, his talk of the town relationship with the stunner Urwa Hocane, jump towards acting and much more!

Farhan Saeed hit single Roiyaan

PakiUM: So Farhan, you recently won a couple of awards for Roiyaan. How does it feel?

Farhan Saeed: Obviously it feels great when your work is appreciated and especially when it wins three awards a year. Having this kind of feedback really gives you that confidence and hope that you’re doing something right!

PakiUM: You’ve done a lot of work in Bollywood, what difference have you personally experienced?

FS: It’s always been a good experience. Everything’s different as at times they like a musician’s song and want it for the film but when it comes to playback singing; one has to keep in mind the situation and the act basically. The platform is quite big for gaining experiences but above all you get to represent your country and through there, it gets spread all over the world, so that feels overwhelming.

PakiUM: Your band Jal gave you success over night but then you went on to become a bigger star as a solo artist. Tell us about how the journey has been and how are your terms with your band members?

FS: Jal was great but I keep repeating myself that when a band is formed, the members are not getting married (Laughs), they have to get separated eventually. So, for some reasons we couldn’t continue and had to take our own path, professionally as well as personally. And I’m quite thankful to God that I’ve been lucky, won quite a few awards in Pakistan and India. I’ve been truly blessed and it all gives me the courage to experiment and the drive to go on!

PakiUM: Tell us a bit about how you first met Urwa, what are your plans of further working together and settling down?


FS: We met at a get together through a common friend and something attracted me right there. We will be working together in bigger and better projects in future. As far as settling down is concerned, I think everybody would know (Laughs) as our lives have became quite public. It is Mashallah going fine, it is great to have a partner with the same mind set, showbiz is different in every way and not many are that understandable, it’s easier to have somebody from the same field and lifestyle!

PakiUM: So, what is your current lineup of projects?

FS: I just shot a campaign for a brand recently. There’s a Bollywood song of mine picked up for Mohit Surri’s Half Girlfriend, pretty much done with that, I’ll just be going to India for the final recording. I shot a serial called Silla opposite Ainy Jafri for Hum TV, it’s a musical journey with around eight songs in it, which I believe would turn out different for television, so I’m pretty excited for that. Apart from these I have some music singles along with videos lined up for releases in January and February.

PakiUM: How did you start acting, was it always your dream or just the perks of being a celebrity?

FS: As they saw a famous face, people offered me a lot of projects and I wanted to do it but was a bit hesitant. But with so many offers coming in, I thought of giving it a try and starting with the smaller screen. When you’re on stage, you play somebody else, you have to transform into what fans want you to be and that’s what acting is, you are supposed to fit into somebody else’s shoes, with different circumstances and personalities! I enjoyed it a lot and had to be patient. But the best part was that singing and acting, both complemented each other!
PakiUM: So do you have any plans of venturing into films, if yes then what sort of characters do you intend to play?

FS: Absolutely, I’ve got several offers but I’m looking for the right one, and hopefully you’ll get to see me on the big screen in the coming year. I’m already talking to somebody who has Pakistan’s best scripts and I’m sure you would know who it is but I can talk about it only once it’s finalized.

I’d want to do a character with which I could do justice; it’s too early to say what my ideal role would be but something closer to me, a romantic or musical genre maybe.


PakiUM: Would you like to say something through PakiUM on the ending note?

FS: PakiUM is doing great. It’s one of the very few platforms where singers are promoted and I believe it’s surely leading amongst all of them. Keep doing the great job, PakiUM has fans in India as well, there’s a global village, and so keep doing the same kind of work. For my fans I’d say that I love them and they encourage me to do what I’m doing!

Interview by Ahmed Sarym

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