Celebrities pay tribute to the martyrs of APS Peshawar!


Peshawar Attack

It has been one year but the wounds are truly fresh. We won’t forget and we shouldn’t either, we’ll have our revenge with the power of a pen. Pakistan’s celebrities come out and speak to PakiUM, proving that we all sand united against our dushman.

Wajahat Rauf (Director of Karachi Se Lahore):

Wajahat Rauf

“My heart goes out to the families of the victims of the aps attack. May Allah give them the courage and strength to cope up with such a tragedy and hope they know that their children are in Jannat ul Firdous.”

Ayesha Omar (Actress):

Ayesha Omer

“It’s been a year since we witnessed one of the blackest and most horrific days in the history of our country. Innocent, angelic souls facing the kind of horror that you cannot even dare to imagine. It was all real for them. The damage that it caused to the little lives that managed to survive it, is irrepairable but the way they bounced back and continued to face life head-on is the biggest source of inspiration to us all. The resilience, the strength, the will, the determination says it all. Bravo little Heros.”

Rizwan Ali Jafri (Singer/Model):

Rizwan Ali Jafferi

“We pay our heartfelt tribute to all the martyred children of APS Peshawar and mourn with the families who suffered loss of their loved ones. All these innocent souls deserve a lifetimes worth of salutes from the entire world. Dec 16th 2014 is the 9/11 of Pakistan & will remain a Black Day in our history. May Allah give strength to the survivors to get past this trauma and to our nation so that we may unite and make sure a day like this is not repeated. You will always be remembered among the heroes of our nation. Rest in Peace our little angels!”

Mikaal Zulfiqar (Actor/Model):

Meekal Zulfiqar Maan

“I cried for three days. Every time the news would show clips of the incident it would bring tears to my eyes. The suffering, the pain, the torture. Those innocent kids, it still gives me goose bumps when I think of it. My thoughts and prayers with the families of the victims. May Allah never bring another day like that again.”

Jahan e Khalid (Model):

Jahan Khalid

“Your act of courage and sacrifice will never been forgotten. I salute the APS Martyrs and all the children of my nation for making me believe that we are a force to reckon.”

Rachel Gil (Model/Actress):

“A year ago, the nation witnessed one of the most tragic incidents ever to take place. Everytime the thought crosses my mind, it fills my eyes with tears. More to the fact that it involved school going children. I pray to God to bless the parents of these children with patience and strength. May we never see another day like that again.”

Rachel Gil Model

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