Peshawar Zalmi to take APS martyrs families to dubai for PSL


Peshawar Zalmi Javed Afridi 1

Finally, Pakistan Super League (PSL) first edition is all set to take place in Dubai next year in February. There will be total five teams competing in the league which include Karachi, Lahore, Peshawar, Islamabad and Quetta. Peshawar, which is named as Peshawar Zalmi and owned by Javed Afridi, has announced to take the families of Army Public School (APS) martyrs to dubai to watch the league.

Afridi, who was also a student in APS in his youth, has also announced to dedicate all victories to the martyrs. “Whatever we win will be dedicated to the martyrs of APS. This is our cause, the city’s cause, KPK’s cause,” announced Afridi.

Afridi also disclosed that it was him who informed ISPR HQ about the attack on APS. “Last year on December 16th early morning, I made a random call to Sir Javed Khattak (Sports Head) at APS, unaware of all APS incident, all I could hear was hue & cry, bullets & bombs, then grievingly he said “Beta terrorists have attacked APS, we are in the  auditorium. Please call someone for rescue” Since not even media was aware of the incident at that time, primarily I informed the ISPR HQ,” he told.

Peshawar Zalmi Javed Afridi

“With Peshawar Zalmi I vow to make a #PZFoundation, to do my utmost to help them,” Afridi added.

Peshawar will play its first match in PSL on February 05, 2016 against Islamabad in Dubai.

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