An interview with immensely talented, Rohail Pirzada



He made waves with his killer modelling campaigns and landed himself on the cover of major fashion magazines such as DIVA. In a conversation with the immensely talented, Rohail Pirzada, I talk to him about his debut film, Reham, how his career began, picking out some favourites and much more!

Following is an interview of model turned actor, Rohail Pirzada on his debut film Reham.

‘My debut film is based on one of Shakespeare’s plays’Rohail Pirzada.

Q.1 – So what are your current line up of projects?

A: I am doin a serial for A-Plus. A film by Ahmad Jamal called Reham and a few other things are in the pipeline but it shall b too early to speak about them. I’ll also be walking the ramp on Bridal Couture Week this month.

Q.2 – Tell us something about your film, Reham.

A: My debut film is based on one of Shakespeare’s plays called ‘Measure For Measure’. It stars Sanam Saeed, Sajid Hasan and Nayyer Ejaz in lead characters. Reham will be showcased at Cannes Film Festival, would be latter released worldwide and it will also mark the 400th Anniversary of Shakespeare. I’m playing one of the lead characters in the film. He’s a thorough gentleman who falls into the vicious circle of society with its flaws and then bears the consequences.

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Q.3 – How did you start your career and at what point did you realise acting was also your passion?

A: My life bumped into modelling and acting was the next step. A Fasion Cordinator approached me in McDonalds where I was with my friends after bunking college, I was hesitant initially but then thought of why not give it a try.
I always wanted to become an actor though and therefore am extremely thankful to God for being so kind to me that I’m living my dream now. Modelling has its pros and cons and I’m lucky that acting is commonly the next step for a model in Pakistan.

Q.4 – What sort of roles would you like to portray in the future?

A: Nothing in particular but comedy is something, I have my reservations with rite now. Comedy is something I might want to experiment with later in life. Right now I choose to play more serious characters.

Q.5 – As a model, which female model and designer do you personally admire and why?
A: I think Nadia Ali is a stunner, when walking the ramp primarily. She has got the look, the height & the aura for a supermodel!
As far as designers are concerned, Fahad Hussayn’s work has really inspired me and this Fashion’s Dark child of our industry has made collections that many times I can relate myself to.
Q.6 – What would be your message to the PakiUM readers on the ending note?
A: Just be yourself and always listen to your instincts. Don’t kill your inner-self. Nothing is permanent so when feeling low, be patient and beat it out as its always a phase and shall eventually pass. Respect your parents as you would want your kids, your flesh & blood to reciprocate to you. Be kind and thankful to God for whatever he has bestowed on you!

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