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Omer Shahzad

He ruled the ramp and shoots by becoming the model of the year and featuring for some of the pioneers of fashion in the country! The award winner supermodel took a turn towards the acting (like every other model these days), but also managed to impress! From his super hit serial, ‘Anaya Tumhari Hui’ to many others on leading channels of the country. I exclusively speak to the hunk of personal life, rumours, grand debut film and much more!

PakiUM: So first of all tell us something about what you’re currently up to.

Omer Shahzad: I am having the time of my life these days. God has been kind and my fans have been generous with their love. Thanks to everyone’s prayers, I am busy in both the industries of television and film. I just completed shooting of the first spell for my first feature film. Veteran filmmaker, Iqbal Kasmhiri is directing the film which is being shot in Pakistan and Thailand. It is an action adventure flick, the first of its kind ever to be made in Pakistan.

I have major roles in three televisions serials – Begunaah, Kyun Mili Aisi Saza and Noor Jehan, all of them are currently in production. A few of my serials are currently airing on different channels as well. Acting is keeping me very busy but I have not abandoned modelling. I am still walking the ramp, doing advertisements and commercials. Modelling gave me a kick start in show business; it is something I will never give up. The only thing that is missing from my life these days is some rest! Hopefully, I’ll get some time to sleep for the whole day (Laughs)!

PakiUM: Tell us something about your film, what sort of character are you playing and how do you think it will contribute to local cinema’s revival?

Omer Shahzad: The film has a stellar cast which includes Sajid Hassan, Agha Ali, Mathira and Shamoon Abbasi and is truly redefining the action/adventure genre in Pakistani cinema with its fresh and unique approach. I think the film will expand the portfolio of genres for Pakistani cinema and raise the bar for quality production. Ismail Kashmiri is cutting no corners and making this film up to international standards. I play a narcissist who betrays his partner after a successful heist and runs off to Thailand with both the loot and the girl he loves. It is a going to be an interesting venture to be part of and I’m sure the audience would love it.

PakiUM: So tell us something about your personal life, when do you intend to settle life as a family guy?

Omer Shahzad: I am a very focused individual and currently all my energies are devoted to my career, my time is oversubscribed. I cannot afford to get involved in a relationship at this time. I won’t be able to give her the love, attention and time she would want and deserve. My career is going very well and taking up all of my time and resources. I don’t want to be a party to a half hearted romance. Love and much else, is on hold for now.

PakiUM: Tell us about how you took a turn from modelling to acting?

Omer Shahzad: A career in modelling is typically short-lived. Moving on to acting allows models to continue being in the public eye and keep enjoying the many perks of being a celebrity. Moreover, it gives them an opportunity to prove that there is more to them than just good looks and yes, find the diversity in oneself and I am loving it!

Omer Shahzad model

PakiUM: How do female fans treat you, what is the weirdest thing you’ve heard from them?

Omer Shahzad: I think they treat me with a lot of love. I enjoy the attention and adulation but am also a realist. My female fans are in love with an image they have of “Omer Shehzad”. It is probably a composite of the characters they have seen me play. They really are not in love with me because they don’t know me, this realization keeps me grounded.

The weirdest request I’ve had is to be seen shirtless on screens! (Laughs)

PakiUM: Your relationship with ex-supermodel, Ayyan took rounds in the industry tell us something about it.

Omer Shahzad: I am a professional model and actor and have gotten a chance to work with a lot of talented and good looking people. I enjoyed working with Ayyan and we had a platonic but good friendship back in the day. My relationships in the industry tend to be professional, I don’t feed the rumor mill at all.

Omer Shahzad & Ayyan photoshoot for the Nation sunday plus (2)

PakiUM: What is the one advice you’ve carried your way to success and would pass it on to the emergents?

Omer Shahzad: Rely on your talent and talent alone. Work hard, persevere and fight for success. Never compromise your integrity, humanity or virtue in your eagerness to get in the fast track to success. That has always been my motto!

PakiUM: What would be your message to the readers of PakiUM?

Omer Shahzad: Make life easy for everyone and try to create happiness for others around you!

Interview conducted by Ahmed Sarym

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