Show your food table on Instagram with #ExcitingAbhi


Pepsi Table #ExcitingAbhi

When it comes to taking new initiatives, Pepsi Pakistan is one name in the country which never hesitates to take the challenge and introduce something new. The brand has been promoting food scene in Pakistan through different campaign for long time. Latest to add in the list is their campaign on Instagram, where they are making food #ExcitingAbhi (exciting now) with Pepsi on the table.

Pepsi is exploring Instagram in a way that no other brand has tried in Pakistan yet and they are quite successful to make food more exciting through it. What is more exciting about the campaign is that the brand has involved everyone through their official hashtag #ExcitingAbhi. Anyone can capture and share mouth-watering images of food with Pepsi on the table.

With this exciting activity, the brand has also decided to reward some exciting giveaways to lucky winners. So, next time you go on table for food and make it more exciting with Pepsi, do not forget to capture a picture and share on your Instagram with official hashtag, which is #ExcitingAbhi.

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