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Be it sign language, written, verbal or oral, if we know each other, it has become possible just because of our communications. It is the basic tool to interact with others. With the growth of technology, and boom of social media, the communications experts another interesting thing to express emotions, which they named as Emojis. Today, these Emojis are considered the best way to express your emotions on social media. Pepsi, a leading soft drink brand in world found an opportunity in this and introduced #SayItWithPepsi campaign, a limited time customized cans and bottles.

This initiative was first taken by Pepsi Canada in June this year, when they introduced #SayItWithPepsi campaign and launched new special edition Cans and bottles with Emojis printed on them. It provided people an opportunity to share their emotions in much easier way.

The idea went quite successful in Canada and this is the reason that the brand has decided to introduce the same campaign in US and Thailand.

It would be interesting to see Pepsi introducing the same idea here in Pakistan because of two reasons. Firstly, the brand reputation is highly popular here and they are known for introducing exciting campaigns which are always relatable. Secondly, hundreds of thousands of Pakistani youth is active on social media and they can relate these Emojis well with their feelings.

We have already seen a sneak peak on Emojis from Pepsi Pakistan on this #WorldEmojiDay, which they have shared on their social media platforms and are now excited to see this campaign coming to Pakistan.

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