Neelum Kinare is set in Azad Jammu & Kashmir


Neelam Kinnaray

HUM Sitaray’s newest play Neelum kinare is set in the beautiful valley of Azad Jammu & Kashmir and portrays the story of a girl Sakina who was raised by her paternal uncle and aunt. Sakina’s aunt does not like her but her son (Aijaz) is in love with her and supports Sakina in every way possible. Against all odds and hurdles, Aijaz manages to marry Sakina and sends her abroad for higher education. Here enters Aijaz’s maternal aunt and her daughter who is interested in Aijaz. Knowing that Aijaz’s wife is abroad for studies, she starts knitting her sinister plan and takes full advantage of the situation to create misunderstandings between Sakina and Aijaz.

Will Aijaz become victim of the scheming or will his love hold steadfast?

To find out, watch Neelum Kinare only on HUM Sitaray.

Directed by:       Adnan Wai Qureshi.

Written by:         Amna Mufti

Produced by: Mehroz Karim Films & MD production

Cast:                      Gohar Mumtaz, Ushna Shah, Ayub Khoso, Samina Peerzada, Sumbul Iqbal, Affan Waheed.

Launch Date:      Oct 26, 2015

Date & Time:      Every Monday at 8:00 pm

Gohar Mumtaz Neelam Kinnaray

Ushna Shah Neelum Kinnaray

Ushna Shah Neelum Kinnaray 1.jpg.crdownload

Sumbul Iqbal Neelum Kinnaray

Affan Waheed Neelum Kinnaray

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