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Pepsi Meals Exciting Abhi

When it comes to bringing new exciting campaigns, Pepsi has a few competitors in Pakistan. The brand always comes up with something very exciting and energizing, which attracts the youth and young hearts of other ages alike.

We have not forgotten yet their ‘Lighting Up Lights’ campaign which they initiated in Razaman this year, and now, the brand has introduced another exciting campaign, which is totally different from the previous one and targets meals. The brand has also released a new TVC for its meal campaign which features the youth stars Feroz Khan and Syra Shahroz.

The reason for bringing up a meal campaign was that Pakistan is known for some very good reasons in the world and one among them is its delicious food. It doesn’t matter in which part of the country they live, the people of Pakistan love yummy meals. One thing which they like to share with their food is a soft drink, which makes their food more exciting. This is exactly what Pepsi meal campaign has targeted.

The brand has showed that how a boring meal turns into something very exciting with the addition of Pepsi. The TVC has demonstrated that how ‘Khana Baney #ExcitingAbhi’ with Pepsi.

Watch below the new Pepsi meal campaign TVC featuring Syra and Feroz;

Watch the new Pepsi ad and make your khana EXCITING ABHI with an ice cold bottle of Pepsi! Bon Appétit!

Posted by Pepsi Pakistan on Saturday, October 10, 2015

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