Urwa, Ali Azmat, Bilal Ashraf and Babra Sharif in new film Two+Two


Two+Two Ali Azmat Urwa Bilal Ashraf Babra Sharif

Pakistani cinema has been revived and high budget movies with quality work in the field of direction, production, acting, music and post-production, have started to roll out. Another in the series is a Shahid Shafaat’s upcoming movie named Two+Two, which will star Urwa Hocane, Ali Azmat, Bilal Ashraf and Babra Sharif in leading roles. The movie which earlier named as ‘Jhol‘ is expected to release on Valentine Day next year.

The movie will star Urwa Hocane as a businesswoman, Ali Azmat as cop, Bilal Ashraf as doctor and Babra Sharif as Bilal’s mother. Saleem Mairaj will do the role of a terrorist in the movie. ‘The story spans over 7-8 hours of a single day, and shows how the paths of four unrelated central characters intertwine – a little birdie tell their phones get switched – and chaos ensues,’ revealed Dawn.com

The solid action movie will also mark the return of beautiful Babra Sharif on big screen. Another veteran Lollywood actor Mustafa Qureshi will play Ali Azmat’s father role.

Ali Azmat Mustafa Qureshi Two+Two

The film is being produced by Epiction Films’ Hamza Ansari and Hassaan Azher.

Talking about Ali Azmat’s character in the movie, Ansari told “He’s a middle-aged police wala, who is totally ayaash, he’ll often be seen on his bike.”

Ali Azmat bike

Originally, Iman Ali was casted in Urwa’s place but the producer later reconsider his decision and picked Urwa for the role. “90% of our shoot is outdoors, and we’re showing Karachi’s culture in areas like Ranchore Lines and even parts of Hyderabad,” revealed Ansari. “So we needed someone who was very rough and tough for the role, and Iman was too delicate. We start rolling our cameras at 6am, and from day 1, we realised that Iman isn’t up to the role.” he added.

Another interesting thing about the movie is that the movie will experiment something new and present an anti-item song filmed on a remix of an old Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan number. “We’ve gone totally experimental in the song’s dramatics and design,” Hamza shared with Dawn.

All the technical crew of the film is from China and Singapore. The stunts are coordinated by the same person who handled Jet Lee’s Hero. “60% of the scenes have been shot. The songs’ shoot is left and we have a bike chase sequence that’s lots of fun,” Ansari shared about the film’s progress.

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