Kashmir Banaspati adherences ‘Jeeney Ka Maza’ at Masala Family Festival


Kashmir Banaspati MFF activity 2

The two day Masala Family Festival provided people of Lahore an opportunity to meet their favourite chefs and brands and learn live food cooking. It was the biggest event of its kind, which attracted thousands of people. Almost all major FMCG companies were part of the festival, which were selling everything from food items to crockery to clothing, jewellery and much more but one brand stood out among them and that was Kashmir Banaspati.

The healthy cooking oil manufacturing company’s stall was surrounded by a large number of crowds on both days. The families not only learn cooking techniques at Kashmir Banaspati stall but, for their satisfaction, they were also briefed about the manufacturing of the cooking oil. The stall was full of exciting activities, which included fortune wheel, where people tried their luck. With couple of more activities, the winner walked away with exciting prizes including a grand prize of Smartphone.

Kashmir Banaspati MFF activity

And for the people, who were buying Kashmir Banaspati products from their stall, there was a lucky draw held on the second day. The winners were again given some exciting prizes.

The cooking oil brand showed full adherence to its tagline, ‘Jeeney Ka Maza’ (Fun of living). All the families fully enjoyed their weekend at Masala Family Festival which ended up with exciting activities and prize distribution ceremonies for winners.

Kashmir Banaspati MFF activity 4

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