Nabeel Nihal of Aaroh lashes out at former band member for using “Naa Kaho”


Aaroh Na Kaho

Aaroh was first Pakistani music band I started to listen when I was a school going child. The band comprising of Farooq Ahmed on lead vocals, Nabeel Nihaal Chishti on lead guitars, Kamran Khan aka Kamijee on keyboards, Khalid Khan on bass guitar and Adnan Hussain on drum, won the Pepsi Battle of the Bands in 2002. For some unfortunate reasons, the band completely disbanded in 2009. Nabeel was the first to leave his band and moved to UAE. Farooq continued living his dream for few more years with new lineup but then, he also shifted to US with his family.

I would definitely fail to pick my favourite song of Aaroh but Na Kaho, Pyaar Ka Jaal, Sawal, Jalan, and Janey Kyoun were the songs which received huge response from the fans. I remember one of their concerts in Karachi with Haider Hashmi on lead guitars. I can recall more than a dozen boys headbanging in the crowd. That was their peak time. I can still recall everything that happened in the concert.


With or without original lineup, the band does not exist anymore. Nabeel is pursuing his music career in UAE and living his dream with Nabeel Nihal Project. Farooq is running his ‘Disco Dollar Store’ in US and living happily with his family. Khalid is playing sessions for different bands and artists and Kamijee is producing music for new bands in Pakistan.

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Being a childhood fan of Aaroh, I know that all of the band members, specifically Nabeel Nihal Chishti, put their efforts to make it a success and when the band does not exist anymore, it does not mean that any one member of the band can take the credit of their songs. But unfortunately, this has happened and Kamran Khan aka Kamijee has reproduced Na Kaho, with a new singer Natasha, without giving credit to any of his former band members.

With all due respect, Kamijee has not only disheartened his band members including Nabeel Nihal Chishti, but also has ruined one of the most romantic Pakistani song ever. There are many musicians, who later in their ages, have improvised either their own or someone else’s songs, but only a few of them have succeed and unfortunately Kamijee is not one of them.

Listen Na Kaho – Kamijee feat Natasha by Kamijee below;

It’s not just me, Kamijee has also disheartened one of the founding members and lead guitarist of the band, Nabeel Nihal Chishti, who shared some facts on his Facebook profile.

“Time to share some facts…Na Kaho was one track in which Kamijee had zero input as a band member musically….Yet u can see him using the track under his own name featuring a new vocalist after 10 long years!!!… ripping away all the credit of fellow musicians who created all the music , arrangements and played all the instruments…..” Nabeel posted. “This is one reason why Pakistani Music industry will remain in a mess because our musicians don’t have any ethics,” he added.

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