Boxer Amir Khan is ready for Sting Challenge final round


Amir Khan Sting Challenge final round

The two times former world boxing champion Amir Khan is all ready to take the third and final Sting Challenge. Once again, the challenge will be set by his fans. The energy drink brand has joined the hands with British Pakistani boxer to promote boxing in Pakistan.

The brand organized an event in Lahore to kick start the Sting Challenge with Amir Khan. The event provided an opportunity to his fans to directly interact with him and put on a pair of gloves to jump into the ring with him.

To make things more interactive, the brand decided to ask fans to set the challenges for the former world champion. In round one, Amir Khan was given a challenge to finish 420 skips in one minute. The king of the ring lost the first challenge against Stingers.

The first #StingChallenge is up! Did Amir Khan beat the Stingers? Watch to find out!

Posted by Sting Energy Drink on Tuesday, September 15, 2015


For the round two, Stingers decided to test his punch force. Amir came back with even more power. He was given the task to punch the boxing bag with 1094 pounds force. And guess what, the champion hit the bag with almost double force. He pulled 2056 pounds force.

#StingChallenge round 2#StingChallenge Round 2 is here! Watch to find out if Amir Khan proves why he’s the king of the ring!

Posted by Sting Energy Drink on Friday, October 2, 2015


The scores are level now and the champion is ready for the third and final challenge which will be disclosed very soon on Sting’s official Facebook page. We are excited, are you?

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