Coke Studio Season 8 is finally set to release last episode


Coke Studio Season 8 last episode

Coke Studio is set to release the 7th and final episode of Season 8 featuring ‘Aaj Jane Ki Zidd’ by Farida Khanum, Armaan by Siege & Alycia Dias, ‘Dil Jale’ by Malang Party and ‘Ajj Din Verhe Vich’ by Ali Zafar.

Airy and warm as a calm breeze, ‘Aaj Jane Ki Zidd’ continues to enrapture the audience to-date, as the timeless classic penned by Fayyaz Hashmi and composed by the renowned Sohail Rana. The Queen of Ghazal – Farida Khanum – brings this classic to life  in her inimitable dusky tone as the steady flow of the rhythm serves to enhance the songs soothing effect. The delicate sounds of the guitar fill the space, as the humble vocals make the perfect frame for a husky monologue evoking nostalgia as one of the most unforgettable tunes that transcends over time.

Farida Khanum Coke Studio 8 Episode 7

On their first collaborative single, ‘Armaan’ – the duo, Siege (Junaid Younus and Ahsan Pervaiz) and Alycia Dias  boast their collective strength as they belt out the pop anthem in their signature dynamic voices. In their second appearance on this season, Siege enters the song amidst a consistently addictive groove resonant of a Caribbean rhythm with a repetitive cycle of the darbuka. Alycia Dias’ stunning vocals glow atop the groovy lounge-pop, crisp-beats of the drums, and fluttering atmospherics on this animated melody that tosses to and fro while maintaining the high strung energy levels throughout the duration.

Siege Coke Studio 8 Episode 7

‘Dil Jale’ is a mesmerizing psychedelic anthem that grips one like a quiet storm. Written and composed by Malang Party front man Zishan Mansoor, a heavy distorted riff marches through the song, paired with a blend of industrial and folksy rhythm reflected in the bands flaring enactment. From the first few measures’ the track is rich with instrumentation, textured with Ibba’s dhol colliding with Aahad’s groove on the drums, as Zishan’s deep vocals command attention. As the interval approaches the mood shifts to Zain’s mellow bass line adding a texture whilst bringing out the song’s brooding melody with melancholic subtlety.

Malang Party Coke Studio 8 Episode 7

Acclaimed singer-songwriter, Ali Zafar – returns with ‘Ajj Din Verhe Vich’, in his third appearance on Coke Studio this season. Written by Shahnawaz Zaidi featuring prose by Ghalib, the track has been composed by Asrar Chishti. Embedded somewhere within a prolonged emotional ballad, the opening strums of the Turkish instrument meet the soulful flute, as the pace picks up and the vocals take center stage in an exhilarating performance. The smooth-sounding harmonium pours over the beat of Babar Khanna’s dholak, as the tune comes together effortlessly amid the string section providing a mellow backdrop.

ALi Zafar Coke Studio 8 Episode 7

The Last Episode of Coke Studio’s Eighth chapter in its journey will be aired on all major television channels, radio stations and available online. The airing schedule for the new episode can be viewed at:

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