Providing free platform for Young Musicians in Pakistan


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Pakistan is a country with budding talent waiting to be explored. With the potential that young artists showcase, it is a shame that most o them don’t get the right platform to showcase their talent. Where big platforms initiated by Coke Studio only take seasoned artists, young talent is at a disadvantage as they lack the resources and the right avenues to push forward.

Dot Republic Media is a company who wants to showcase the potential youngsters have. DRM has opened a studio that focuses on mentoring and polishing the potential that young artists have. Anyone can sign up by going to the website and after an initial audition will be provided a recording studio, equipment, producers and an entire PR network to push their career in the right direction.

The studio can be used by young artists who do not have a platform can use the facility to record their songs.  Adnan Butt the Executive Producer o the venture says,’ Pakistan has so much to offer in music. The times where bands like Junoon and Vital Signs took the world by a storm. Here every venture we see has a brand’s ideology attached to it. The facility we have provided is not directed by any brand. We aim to polish each artists own potential and not impose anyone ideology. Every artists to his/her own strengths.’

Adnan Butt has already successfully produced Walnut Sessions where   artists from all over Pakistan produced two songs each in different dialects in folk, jazz, classical and rock genres.

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