Faran Tahir To Play Utah in Upcoming TV Series Land of the Outlaws


Land of the Outlaws

It’s always the ones that think they’re invincible that die the worst death.” – Land of the Outlaws

 Pakistani-American Hollywood actor Faran Tahir is unstoppable! While being a part of three major series this year; Supergirl, Satisfaction USA and American Crime, the star will now also be seen as a part of the cast of upcoming American action/sci-fi TV series Land of the Outlaws.

The futuristic series is based in the year 2064, where America has recovered from a viral pandemic that ruined the world and the prohibition of the remaining technology in the world, has been imposed.  Lawmen now rule the land, but a Wild West mentality remains. Amidst the backdrop of one town’s reform, a series of heists and murders threaten the Roxville Force’s legacy. Enter the honest but troubled veteran, Deputy Curtis Ames. When he and his temperamental partner (Sonny ‘Six Gun’ Devlin) stumble upon a gang of corrupt lawmen, Curtis decides to bring them all to justice before he rides off into the sunset.

Land of the Outlaws [3]

Faran will be seen playing the role of Utah Harjo; a former lawman turned leader of the Southside gang. They are a tribalistic gang who trap and hunt. They wear pelts and skins of animals, much like Native Americans of the past. This is also somewhat of a cover as they are collecting scraps of tech to build a network. Over the years, Utah has become quite bitter about the law in the town. He and his tribe try to avoid the lawmen, but have run-ins with them every now and again.

Land of the Outlaws [5]

Land of the Outlaws has been produced by TipToe Pictures. Further details about when it goes on air, will be revealed soon.

Land of the Outlaws [2]

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