Drama serial Tumhare Siva on Hum Tv (Synopsis and Pictures)


Tumhare Siwa- Title

The plot of Tumhare Siva highlights the traits of true friends, trust and unconditional love. The story revolves around childhood buddies Captain Aazar and First Officer Arsal. The two have grown up together, studied at the same college and are more than brothers to each other. Their love for each other is evident from the fact that they married on the same day and their wives are best friends as well. Arsal and his wife Samra always turn to Aazar and Rania to solve their problems and seek consultation in every decision of their lives. The four of them enjoy life to the fullest until one day Arsal finds out that Samra has cancer and requires treatment overseas. Arsal’s medical policy doesn’t cover Samra’s medical expenses and Aazar tries everything in his power to make the arrangements but even his life savings are not enough to take care of the bills. The story takes a dramatic turn when Aazar comes up with a plan which Rania is not sure she should support. What has fate in store for this foursome and their close friendship?

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Starting from 21st Aug-15 8:00pm Every Friday

Writer: Wasi Shah

Director: Sakina Samo

Producer: Moomal Entertainment

Cast: Ahsan khan, Aisha Khan, Noor Hassan, Mansha Pasha, Salina Sipra, Lubna Aslam etc

Total Episode: 26

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